Effective Healthcare Assocciated Infection prevention and control in healthcare organisations relies on specialised infection control staff in charge of elaborating, implementing and monitoring local preventive measures such as hand hygiene and patient  isolation. 



1 Programme management

1.1 Elaborating and advocating an infection control programme

1.2 Management of an infection control programme, work plan and projects

2 Quality improvement

2.1 Contributing to quality management

2.2 Contributing to risk management

2.3 Performing audits of professional practices and evaluating performance

2.4 Infection control training of employees

2.5 Contributing to research

3 Surveillance and Investigation of Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)

3.1 Designing a surveillance system

3.2 Managing (implementation, follow up, evaluation) a surveillance system

3.3 Identifying, investigating and managing outbreaks

4 Infection Control Activities

4.1 Elaborating infection control interventions

4.2 Implementing infection control healthcare procedures

4.3 Contributing to reducing antimicrobial resistance

4.4 Advising appropriate laboratory testing and use of laboratory data

4.5 Decontamination and sterilisation of medical devices

4.6 Controlling environmental sources of infections

Full document is published: http://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/publications/publications/infection-control-core-competencies.pdf