Competencies for junior specialist (introductory level) and for a senior specialist (expert level):

  • Take into account the different clinical and cultural considerations and conditions that determine the various types of evaluations and audits 
  • Establish a programme of audits and investigations 
  • Prepare protocols for the evaluation of performance 
  • Train investigators so they can assess targeted practices, structures or processes 
  • Apply appropriate epidemiological methods during data collection to ensure reliability and reproducibility 
  • Analyse data and interpret results related to the evaluation and report back to relevant staff in appropriate language 
  • Coordinate, and report on, the progress of the audits programme and associated learning in the targeted units or departments
  • Disseminate and communicate constructively the results of audits and the lessons learnt to the HCWs, administration and other professionals involved 
  • Work with the healthcare organisation to formulate corrective actions and enable staff to carry out these actions to ensure that evaluation results are acted upon