Competencies for a junior specialist – introductory level 

  • Gather specific data from the laboratory and pharmacy departments for further analysis 
  • Contribute to the organisation of collaborative organised networks

Shared Competencies for junior specialists (introductory level) and senior specialists (expert level)

  • Advocate HAI surveillance activities (including post-discharge surveillance) and gather the opinions of appropriate professionals in order to rank priorities and formulate objectives 
  • Formulate the scope, methodology and practical organisation of the HAI surveillance system based on the population served, services provided and professional involvement in order to meet the objectives 
  • Select and define appropriate indicators 
  • Identify national and international recommendations, regulations and standard definitions to design HAI surveillance activities, ensuring all the while the need for consistency in applying definitions 
  • Support the development of the healthcare organisation’s information systems (including patient and laboratory systems) to meet surveillance needs 
  • Elaborate mechanisms for timely data feedback and ensure that prompt and responsive mechanisms for reporting and feedback are included in the system 

Additional competencies exclusive for a senior specialist – expert level 

  • Develop functional links with the laboratory and pharmacy departments for periodically reviewing laboratory and antimicrobial consumption data 
  • Identify the benefits of collaborative organised networks (local, regional and national) and take steps to promote these networks