Competencies for a junior specialist - introductory level

  • Contribute to the implementation of HAI surveillance system
  • Participate in preparation of HAI surveillance data for analysis
  • Contribute to the production of periodic structured reports of surveillance data
  • Prepare data for the periodic evaluation of the effectiveness of the HAI surveillance system

Competencies for junior specialist (introductory level) and for a senior specialist (expert level):

  • Design and develop systems for effective HAI data collection according to defined methodology
  • Identify, and communicate with, the healthcare organisation or public health body if additional epidemiologic investigations (case-control studies, cohort studies, trials) and outbreak investigations are required
  • Regularly review the risks, needs and priorities in order to adjust surveillance targets and objectives
  • Ensure that reporting and feedback tools are efficiently used to communicate adequately in different contexts (scientific, professional, media, etc.)
  • Use feedback tools effectively

 Competencies for a senior specialist - expert level

  • Implement the HAI surveillance system (pilot testing, implementation, kick off, commissioning and evaluation) according to the organisation's priorities and objectives
  • Analyse HAI data using appropriate epidemiological methods, measures and tests, seeking the assistance of biostatisticians and other experts when necessary
  • Produce periodic structured reports to interpret significant findings and learning, taking into account the target readership
  • Periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the HAI surveillance system