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Systemic Infections

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The “Point prevalence survey of healthcare associated infections and antimicrobial use in European acute care hospitals” protocol adopts the following definition of Systemic Infections (SYS):


SYS-DI: disseminated infection.

Disseminated infection is infection involving multiple organs or systems, without an apparent single site of infection, usually of viral origin, and with signs or symptoms with no other recognised cause and compatible with infectious involvement of multiple organs or systems.


SYS-CSEP: clinical sepsis in adults and children

  • Patient has at least one of the following criteria:
    • clinical signs or symptoms with no other recognised cause;
    • fever (38 °C);
    • hypotension (systolic pressure < 90 mm);
    • or oliguria (20 cm3 (ml)/hr);


    • blood culture not done or no organisms or antigen detected in blood;


    • no apparent infection at another site;


    • physician institutes treatment for sepsis.


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Area 3. Surveillance and investigation of healthcare associated infection (HAI)