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The FEM Wiki site is organised into: Articles, Documents and Discussions


The FEM Wiki Manual Articles section centres around the Manual - a publicly available Wiki for Field Epidemiology that is organised by concept (see Taxonomy).


This section works like a folder struture where images, presentations or text documents can be uploaded to be referrenced in the wiki artlies and discussion topics.


This section has:

There is also a section with Help & Support the Legal notice and 'About' FEM Wiki (you are here now). ​​

Help & Support

This section gathers together all information that might be useful for users interacting with the site.  Where the wiki does not answer a query, the forum is provided to allow the community to assist.  Answers in the forum can be used to grow the wiki.

Legal notice

Here you find information about the legal basis for FEM Wiki, the Privacy statement, and what you need to know about Licencing.

​​The History FEM Wiki

The Field Epidemiology Manual (FEM) was initially developed to support the European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training (EPIET). Trainers, supervisors, scientific coordinators, and facilitators created draft chapters using the lectures they delivered during the EPIET introductory course. The philosophy of sharing and building knowledge (in particular training materials) led to the idea and creation of a collaborative information space for the epidemiological training community - The FEM Wiki.

The aim of the FEM Wiki was to create a library of online resources for field epidemiology training programmes, as well as a market place for discussions on all theoretical and practical aspects of field epidemiology. Central to this effort will be the Field Epidemiology Manual, a core document for use when undertaking field investigations and research projects in intervention epidemiology.

As time went on, articles from other key disciplines for disease prevention & control such as public health microbiology, informatics and public health law were added. The aim of the FEM Wiki was to create a library of training materials for training programmes for all disciplines in disease prevention & control. In addition to articles (which are stil available on this new platform), the FEM Wiki origionally contained curricula for training programmes, core competencies, guidelines and work space for communities. These 5 pillars formed the FEM Wiki collaborative platform. Curriculacore competencies , guidelines and communities of practice are now hosted on other more adapted ECDC platforms​.

FEM Wiki is now a resource for public health experts, hosted and funded by ECDC. The content of FEM Wiki was provided by users of the platform and does not necessarily represent opinion of ECDC. 

FEM Wiki is not: an encyclopaedia, an indiscriminate collection of information​, a publisher of original thoughts (though it may happen), or a newspaper.