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User manual for editors

Wiki Editing (authenticated user, aka contributor)

How to behave - Code of conduct

FEM Wiki is an open information-sharing platform for public health experts, hosted and funded by ECDC. By accessing FEMWIKI, users agree to act in accordance with this Code of Conduct.

Users of FEM Wiki shall comply with the provisions of the Legal Notice​. Exchanges of information, views and dialogue via FEM wiki shall be undertaken in a respectful and courteous manner. Misuse of FEM Wiki may result in the deactivation of user accounts and is considered to include the following:

  • Breaches of the Legal Notice
  • Disrespectful, improper behaviour towards other users
  • Misuse of other users' personal data or site content
  • Advertising commercial products or services or recruitment offers
  • Any form of technical attack on the platform

Should non-compliance with this Code of Conduct or any other misuse be identified, ECDC reserves the right to deactivate accounts at its discretion.

If you have any questions or require further guidance on permitted use of the platform, please contact

Manage your account

Sign in

In order to contribute to FEM Wiki you need to sign in on the right-upper corner. If you don't have an account there is an option to create one.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password click on the Sign in page from where a password reset function is available.


If you encounter any problem you cannot solve yourself contact s at

Creating a new Wiki Page (embed you page in the right spot in the taxonomy)

There are two main ways to create a new page in your wiki library:

Create a link to a page which does not exist and then click on it to create the page:

This is the recommended way to create a page because it is easier for people to find the page when another page links to it. Links to pages that do not yet exist have a dashed underline.

Create a page that is not linked to any other:

In the Settings menu, click Add a page. This will ask you for a name and then create that page in the current wiki library.

Frequency of crawling

Changes usually take place after 24 hours so don't be surprised if your page or edits are not visible immediately.

Deleting a page

To prevents accidental page deletions this permission is reserved to administrators only. Please write an e-mail to​ if you need a page deleted.​

Updating existing wiki pages (Editing)

To edit this page, click on the Edit Page icon at the top of the page. To see all available commands, click on the Page tab. When you are editing, you can type text onto the page or insert tables and pictures. To stop editing, click the Save button at the top of the page. If you leave the page while editing, you will be prompted to save your changes.

All authenticated users see the edit button under the page ribbon.

Version control including compare versions and restore an old version.

If you need to restore a previous version of a page, click Previous Versions in the Page tab at the top of the page. You can then click on any of the versions in the quick launch to view the page as it existed at that time. If you want to restore to a version, select it and click “Restore" this version in the toolbar.

Style Guidelines for Editors

Adding Images

When you are uploading images, please check that you have uploaded a image that is clearly visible. For example, if you have uploaded a graph, all axis labels, axis tics, titles, etc. should be legible.

There are two locations that you can insert Images from:

  • From your local computer
  • From Address: by giving the Internet URL


You can link to another page in this wiki library by enclosing the name of the page in double brackets. When you type , the wiki will suggest page names that start with what you've typed. You can select one of these pages using the arrow keys or the mouse, or you can type in a new name. If you type in a new name, it will make a link to a page which has not yet been created. Links are finished by typing . If you are linking to a page in a subfolder or an item in another list, you can press tab to add the selected suggested item to your link without closing the link.

You can link to many objects in SharePoint, not just pages. Here are some examples of links:

Dogs : A link to a page named Dogs in the same folder.

Dogs : A link to a page named Dogs in a subfolder called Animals.

Welcome : A link to the item called Welcome in the Announcements list on this site.

To create a link to a page and have the link display different text than the page name, type a pipe character (|) after the page name, and then type the display text. For example, type Home Page to create the link labeled Home Page that points to the page named Home.

To display double opening or closing brackets without making a link, type a backslash before the two brackets. For example, or .


Rather than a conventional book or article format where references appear together at the end of the document, the FEM Wiki will use footnotes for references, much like those on Wikipedia. If the content of a page requires a reference, that reference should appear at the bottom of the citing page.

We will adhere broadly to the Vancouver style of referencing (useful article here), i.e:

Author of article AA, Author of article BB, Author of article CC. Title of article. Abbreviated Title of Journal. year; vol(issue):page number(s).


The FEM Wiki does not include a built-in equation editor. The solution is to create an image of the equation you want to include.

How to upload files

Files should be uploaded into the “Documents" section of FEM Wiki.


What are Forums?

Forums are places where users can publicly communicate around certain themes, e.g. Manual content or teaching structure. 

Freeform discussion

The standard forum type which supports general discussion, e.g. the EPIET forum.

Q & A

The 'Ask the Expert' forum is currently the only example of this.  It lets the user post a question and then mark it as answered when they judge that it has been.