Discussion: Contact tracing


The Field Epidemiology Manual provides a set of core training materials reflecting the essential competencies required by intervention epidemiologists.

Discussion: Contact tracing

  • The netherlands contact tracing protocol for HAV considers a case infectious from 1 week before to 2 weeks after onset of icterus. This is shorter than 50 days in the above table. What can we say about evidence of infectivity (note this is not necessarily similar to shedding)
  • Collection (incomplete) of documents on contact tracing in response to Ebola in West Africa:

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  • Is there any usefull tool for contact tracing, respectively contact management available? I meen function within classical outbreak management software or R package, that would be able to conect and to visualize cases and their contacts in a long term outbreak with person to person transmition. We are dealing with a larg hepatitis A outbreak using MS Office tools, but its hard to keep and control a dateset of more then 100 cases with over 1000 contacts altogether. Thanks Eva
  • “NodeXL”, which is a free Excel extension for contact networks. We (Florian) used in a 90+ person TB outbreak to great success.

  • Interesting software for contact tracing in R:

    EpiContactTrace: an R-package for contact tracing during livestock disease outbreaks and for risk-based surveillance.

    Anybody wants to try also in human disease outbreaks?