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    • Revision #20
    • on 15 Mar 2018 9:43

    Graphs, charts, diagrams

    Graphs are to visualize quantitative data and relationship between variables using a system of coordinates. They are powerful in getting the message across, but the same...
    • Revision #13
    • on 15 Mar 2018 8:16

    Aide memoire for oral presentations and visual aids

    Words of advice 1. Identify a single overriding communication objective (SOCO) adapted to your audience. 2. Develop a storyboard: Start with the conclusion slide...
    • Revision #54
    • on 8 Oct 2017 20:04

    Measures of Disease Occurrence

    Learning Objectives: After reading this chapter, you will be better able to: appreciate the definition of risk, rate, prevalence and odds; appreciate the difference...
    • Revision #2
    • on 14 Sep 2017 12:29

    Advantages and disadvantages

    [Chorus] We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship Zooming through the sky, Little Einsteins Climb aboard, get ready to explore There's so much to find...
    • Revision #2
    • on 14 Jul 2017 13:18

    Measuring the Quality of Healthcare

    This article is a result of new content structure of the FEM Wiki. You are invited to contribute suitable content such as definitions, scope, examples and other related...