How to behave as user of FEMWiki?

The ECDC Training section moderator team has developed policies of the FEMWiki in all aspects of the site. We explicitly formulated a list of our site policies and consequences for user who choose not to follow these policies. Every user is responsible for abiding by these policies. If you have any questions, please contact us on the administrator team account

To foster the best experience and use of the FEM Wiki ECDC (owner) and all FEM Wiki community respectfully requests that all visitors and contributors honour the following code of conduct:

Respect others

  • Respect your peers - treat others and their contributions respectfully and foster considerate dialogue.
  • Use non-offensive language to present your views.
  • Everyone's input is welcomed and honoured. There are neither stupid questions nor replies.
  • Report inappropriate behaviour - report disrespectful or inappropriate content.

 Act in good faith

  • All your contributions are freely licensed to the public, no editor owns any article; all of your contributions can and will be edited and peer reviewed.
  • Non-free content is allowed under fair use, but strive to find free alternatives to any media or content that you wish to add to FEMWiki.
  • Publish content to which you have rights and properly reference cited material. Respect copyright laws, and do not plagiarize sources
  • This site is about you but not about YOU. It is not a place of self-promotion or promotion of inappropriate content.

Promote the community spirit

  • Administrators and moderators can give you guidance and advice how to best contribute to the site. You can first consult HELP site.
  • Share experience with others in discussions attached to each page and fora to address specific question or idea.

What is inappropriate behaviour or content?

  • Disruptive, impolite behaviour to other users;
  • Automated or massive manual retrieval of other users' profile data ("data harvesting");
  • Advertising for commercial products or services of all kinds;
  • Unsolicited job offers and business proposals;
  • All kinds of technical attacks on the servers including setting up anonymous user accounts;
  • "Flaming" others or demeaning their participation won't help build community.

What will be the consequences of inappropriate behaviour?

Users who violate the policies detailed above risk having their accounts banned from the FEM Wiki site. The administrator/moderator team will do proceed in order to avoid necessity of banning community members. However, after repeatedly ignoring the policies stated above users will experience stepwise consequence levels described below. Users who have had disciplinary action taken against them will have a summary of their status on record.

Measures taken:

At the first contact:

We send two e-mails. With a welcome message we request a reply. If we don't get the reply within two weeks we send a second e-mail with the reminder. After another two weeks without a reply we disable the user account. Within one month after that period we may discard the user.

In case of misbehaviours or offense:

1st and 2nd offense:

Warning. A moderator will contact you via the wiki messaging client (e-mail) notifying you of the offense and will suggest strategies for you to avoid breaking the wiki policies.

3rd offense:

Temporary Ban. Users who break the wiki policies three times will have their accounts locked for 2 weeks.

4th offense:

Permanent Ban. Users who break the wiki policies four times will have their accounts permanently banned from the FEM Wiki. Under no circumstances will banned account be reactivated.

How to avoid breaking the policies?

When in doubt, ask a moderator/administrator on BEFORE you do something that could go against any of the policies described. It is your responsibility to ask. The moderator team will work with you to clarify any of the policies that may be confusing. These policies exist for the benefit of the community. They encourage users to interact with other users in respectful ways while simultaneously encouraging users to help make the FEM Wiki attractive and useful for all.